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Terms and conditions for photographers – top 5 tips:

As a photographer you must protect yourself with a legally binding document, and require all clients to read and sign off on your terms and conditions when they engage your services. 1. Provide details that will inform your quote for the client: Your terms and conditions should specify the particulars … Continue reading

Ingredients for success – what your food business needs in its supply agreements

You can’t make good food without good ingredients. So if your business depends on good ingredients, you need strong supply agreements in place. Your supply agreements should be in writing and should set out the following: Agreed price and/or method of determining price Your supply agreement must state a price. … Continue reading

Does your business use the Facebook pixel? Retargeting? Custom audiences? Make sure your website terms reflect this…

Facebook pixel is JavaScript code that you can place on your website to build audiences for your advertising campaigns, and understand how people are using your website to inform more effective Facebook advertising campaigns in the future. You can measure cross-device conversions, optimize advertisement delivery, create custom audiences for website … Continue reading

New apartments, new businesses and car-parking

Building apartments? Starting a new business in rented property? Under the Planning Schemes applicable in Victoria, there’s generally a requirement to make provision for car-parking.  That might sound simple but, as is rapidly becoming apparent in our changing city, the standard requirements are out-dated. At least in the city and … Continue reading

Collaborations – when should you ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Collaborations between businesses are great. Like an assisted yoga pose, they can take both participants to places they couldn’t get to on their own. It could be creating a new product, researching a new idea or combining your marketing forces. But you need to be smart about collaborations, particularly where … Continue reading

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