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Should you trademark your business name? The pros and cons

You may be considering trademarking your business name to confirm your customers identify your product or service as unique, and ensure your business is – and remains – distinguishable from other businesses. You may trademark your business name on a national and/or international level, after considering whether your business will … Continue reading

Is 2017 the year you should incorporate?

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the refreshed optimism that comes with a new year. These days it is more about renewed focus on my health and business rather than a new pencil case and exercise books, but the buzz is still the same! A common NY resolution amongst … Continue reading

Who really owns that coffee machine (and is that best for you)?

I love my coffee and my cafe clients. But I also know that bad coffee (or, worse, no coffee!) could be the death of a Melbourne cafe. How you own your coffee machine could affect this. Here’s why… Coffee machine and coffee bean suppliers commonly offer hospitality businesses free loan … Continue reading

How should you employ staff at your yoga studio? Employee vs independent contractor

What’s the difference between employees and independent contractors? Essentially, the difference is that employees work in and are a part of your business, whereas independent contractors run their own business – and use your studio to do so. In the early stages of business, it can be difficult for business … Continue reading

5 Things Yoga and Fitness Studios should know about Unfair Contract Terms

I’m a big believer of making exercise a habit that you just don’t think about, and yoga or fitness studio membership is a great way to build regular practice into your daily life. The community, discipline and wellbeing that comes from committing to show up to class several times each … Continue reading

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