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Freelancers photographers and ownership – who owns your lookbook?

Freelancers, photographers and ownership – who owns your look-book? Holding the intellectual property rights in your look-book provides you with the exclusive right to use, reproduce, control and profit from the use of that creative work. However, it’s important to bear in mind that when a photographer takes the photos … Continue reading

Online stores and terms and conditions – consumer law obligations and risks

Regardless of whether your online store has its own terms and conditions, your business will be governed by, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). However the ACL is heavily weighted in favour of the consumer and  offers far more protection to your customers than it does to you as the business … Continue reading

Terms and conditions for photographers – top 5 tips:

As a photographer you must protect yourself with a legally binding document, and require all clients to read and sign off on your terms and conditions when they engage your services. 1. Provide details that will inform your quote for the client: Your terms and conditions should specify the particulars … Continue reading