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Christmas shutdown – can you force your staff to use annual leave?

It’s common for many businesses to shut down over the Christmas/New Year period, but whether you are able to direct your employees to use their leave over this period will depend on their Award. The amount of notice you must give is also Award-dependent, along with whether, and how, you … Continue reading

Covid-19 Commercial Lease Update – the National Code of Conduct

On Tuesday 7 April, the Prime Minister announced the introduction of a Mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Leases. As commercial and retail leasing is governed by state legislation, each state will need to make amendments to their own legislation to put the Code into law. However, tenants and landlords … Continue reading

Building contracts – what happens when it doesn’t all go as planned?

Before you enter a building contract you need to be prepared for things to not go as planned. We unfortunately see far too many residents stuck in the middle of building disputes for things that could have been avoided. Unexpected costs, extreme delays and shoddy work are just some of … Continue reading

Top three tips when setting up a tech company

We love working with tech companies, particularly in the early stages when they are working out what they need. If this is you, read on to hear our top tips. 1.  Get your company structure right… Like all businesses, you can choose to operate as a sole-trader, a partnership, a … Continue reading

Collaborations – when should you ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Collaborations between businesses are great. Like an assisted yoga pose, they can take both participants to places they couldn’t get to on their own. It could be creating a new product, researching a new idea or combining your marketing forces. But you need to be smart about collaborations, particularly where … Continue reading

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