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Top three tips when setting up a tech company

We love working with tech companies, particularly in the early stages when they are working out what they need. If this is you, read on to hear our top tips. 1.  Get your company structure right… Like all businesses, you can choose to operate as a sole-trader, a partnership, a … Continue reading

Small businesses: What should you have in your terms and conditions for online promotions?

Instagram is the new black in marketing (and has been for a while), and a powerful medium for promoting your health and wellness business. If you are looking to grow your “likes”, increase your Instagram following, and personally engage and connect your audience to your product/business, then Instagram contests and … Continue reading

Food Labelling and Superfoods:

Superfoods sometimes promise a lot, but do they deliver? And – as a retail food industry business owner the question may be – do they legally have to deliver? Well, yes and no… Some Superfoods are truly amazing. Did you know that Kombucha can assist in improved digestion weight loss … Continue reading

Does it matter if I am running my Pilates Studio as a sole trader?

Risks for sole traders from a liability perspective (asset protection): There are some wonderful things about running a Pilates Studio as a sole trader. Business accounts are simple, and you can focus your energies on Pilates technique, class choreography, and your clientele. It is easy to set-up and maintain from … Continue reading

Running a psychology business through a trust – can it be done?

Yes. But it must be done “right”! If you would like to run your psychology business through a trust, a formal deed outlining how the trust will operate is required. The trick is to ensure you are set up with a robust  trust deed from the outset from a lawyer … Continue reading

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