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Flexible work arrangements – top tips for working through a request that you want to reject

An employee who’s been on unpaid parental leave is entitled to come back to the job they had before going on leave, even if another person is working in their role as a replacement. They also have the right to request flexible work arrangements, but there are some rules about … Continue reading

Debt recovery options for small businesses

As a branding agency business owner, you are likely so focussed on building well thought-of and stylish brands for your clients, that you do not have much time to deal with the very annoying problem of unpaid moneys owing to your business. However, with the right help and information, recovering … Continue reading

Virtual assistants and protecting yourself

Virtual assistants are experienced executive or personal assistants who you can engage to work remotely from you, to assist your business with  required one-off or ongoing administrative tasks. Communication can be made through applications such as Skype, Google Drive and Dropbox, and a certain amount of training or direction also … Continue reading

What is a social media policy and why do you need one?

Social media has a huge impact on the way potential clients become aware of, perceive and interact with businesses, and in many ways, blurs the line between business and personal interest. A social media policy is necessary to set parameters for  employee use of social media (not only during, but … Continue reading

Online stores and terms and conditions – consumer law obligations and risks

Regardless of whether your online store has its own terms and conditions, your business will be governed by, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). However the ACL is heavily weighted in favour of the consumer and  offers far more protection to your customers than it does to you as the business … Continue reading

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