1. Fixed Fee

Best for: Ad hoc legal needs (eg you need a lease reviewed, your agreements updated or some once off advice)

How does it work: You let us know what you need, we scope the task and provide a fixed fee and time estimate for the work. You agree to this and then we do the work. If the scope stays the same, the cost stays the same, regardless of how many phonecalls it takes for us both to be delighted with the result.

2. Monthly Retainer

Best for: Fast-growing startups, established businesses with 2-10 employees and $200,000+ pa revenue. Most of our retainer clients started off as fixed fee clients.

How does it work: We sit down and do a detailed analysis of where your business is at and identify any existing risks or issues on the horizon. We then determine the number of hours per month that will best suit your needs. We then act as your in-house counsel helping you grow and avoid trouble. What does this mean? You can call or email us whenever you need a legal opinion on an issue and we will always be on the lookout for ways we can make your business legally healthier.

3. Hourly Rate

Best for: Unpredictable matters like litigation. People who just like hourly rates.

How does it work: Our hourly rate is generally used for litigious matters. While we will give you a detailed costs disclosure, we find that charging by the hour the best way to deal with litigation as it doesn’t always go to plan. That said, if we can find a way to resolve a dispute out of court, we will always recommend this first, as nine times out of ten, it is the more commercially sensible option.

To discuss your legal needs and confirm pricing, give us a call on (03) 9111 5660 or email us.