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Can I protect my business idea?

Yes – and no! The law of intellectual property offers a number of means of protection for original creations of the mind. The catch is that ideas alone aren’t capable of protection – BUT as soon as you reduce those ideas to written form then legal protection is available. Given … Continue reading

Freelancers photographers and ownership – who owns your lookbook?

Freelancers, photographers and ownership – who owns your look-book? Holding the intellectual property rights in your look-book provides you with the exclusive right to use, reproduce, control and profit from the use of that creative work. However, it’s important to bear in mind that when a photographer takes the photos … Continue reading

Christmas shutdown and staff entitlements:

If you own a business and want to shut down over Christmas and New Year, there is nothing stopping you from doing this. However, make sure you understand any obligations you have that will continue during this time. If you decide to close down, you must still pay your full-time … Continue reading

Grass fed beef – what needs to go on your label

If you are selling grass fed beef or an associated product and want to label it as such, you will need to be aware of your labelling obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), and the required standards as set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (“the … Continue reading

CoINVEST for the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the only industries that has a portable long service scheme, which enables workers to take long service leave after a period of service in the industry, rather than with a single employer. If you are an employer in the construction industry in Victoria, chances … Continue reading

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